Question – What should I do if I smell Propane?
Answer – If you think you smell a gas leak, please follow these steps immediately:

  1. Evacuate everyone from the house.

  2. Call your local propane provider and the fire department from a neighbor's telephone.

  3. Turn off the supply at the tank.

Question – What does Propane smell like?
Answer – In its natural state propane is an odorless, colorless gas, but ethyl mercapatin is added in order make propane leaks easier to detect. To find out what propane gas smells like, contact your local Propane Central office to have a “Propane Users Safety Guide” mailed to you.

Question – Do I need a new regulator?
Answer – New regulators are built with improved safety features that are designed to insure your family is safe. Manufacturers suggest you should have your regulator replaced every 15 years. Contact your local Propane Central office to order a new regulator if you think yours is more than 15 years old.

Question – Why should I call for more propane before I run out?
Answer – Letting your tank run completely out is not only unsafe, but you will be charged for an out-of-gas-call. If you are a Will-Call customer, call before your tank gets below 30%.

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